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IFSP Cadence University Program

In 2015 IFSP (Instituto Federal de Ciência, Educação e Tecnologia de São Paulo), joined Cadence University Program with 100 licenses to start extension courses in microelectronics.

The Campinas campus is located near major universities in north Campinas region and near Campinas's Techonology Park, with several industries focused in telecomunication, eletronics, and embedded systems. This localization made this project very attractive to surrounding communities.

Within Campinas IFSP's staff there are teachers with industry/academic experience in integrated circuits design creating endless possibilities in lecture semiconductors courses such as extension courses as well graduation/Pos-graduation courses.

Since IFSP entered the Cadence University Program microelectronics training have been developed in junction with CTI is Design House (DH-CTI) such as:

Along with this training material the IFSP/DH-CTI collaboration also produce several academic research in IC design for Radiation Hardening Circuits

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IFSP/Campinas is physically located in the CTI campus

The CTI - Center for Information Technology Renato Archer conducts research and development in many strategic areas, such as micro and nano electronics, systems, software and IT applications, e.g. robotics, decision suport systems and 3D technologies for industry and medicine. With strong interaction with universities, research centers and industry, CTI has been able to act as a key agent in the Brazilian R&D system.

IFSP/Campinas location is another strong point for the viabilization of microelectronics courses in Campinas region.

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